NICU – Medical Records

Medical Records refers to the Health Information Department in a hospital. This is where all patient info is stored after a patient has been discharged. It also may be where medical transcriptionists work and file medical reports and dictations.

An NICU parent may need to go to Medical Records for the following reasons:

  • Obtain their infant’s chart – If a parent wishes to obtain their copy baby’s chart, they must come to the Medical Records department to do so. Often, it will require a one-time fee as well. A consent must also be signed. It is best to call in advance, so the staff has a chance to copy ahead of time, as some charts are quite large.
  • Birth Certificate information – Often, any questions regarding birth certificates can be handled in this department as well. Medical Records often has a devoted employee to handling and following up on birth certificates. With an infant in the NICU, many parents’ focus shifts primarily to their baby, and they tend to let other issues take a back seat. If this happens, when the parent has the time, they can complete any birth certificate documentation in Medical Records.

Updated: June 2011