NICU Respiratory Care – Oscillator

NICU Oscillator

Oxygen Management / Respiratory Care

An oscillator is a more recent version of a ventilator that keeps the lungs open with a constant positive end-expiratory pressure, also referred to as ‘PEEP’.

What is different between this and a ventilator is that while the ventilator will inflate and deflate the baby’s lungs, simulating breathing, an oscillator will vibrate the oxygen at a very high pace. This allows for gasses in the airway to be diffused rapidly and efficiently. By doing so, there is far less risk for damage to the lungs when exposed to the oscillator for longer periods of time.

Each infant presents a specific condition and case, and an oscillator may or may not be the best choice for the infant. An oscillator can make caring for critically ill much more manageable, and allows for the neonate to receive the respiratory care it needs, until his or her lungs are able to function on their own.